Natura Urbana

Dir: Matthew Gandy

28th Apr 2018

16:00 - 17:30

The Beach Cafe, Fenit


Presented as part of WildMind festival, Natura Urbana tells the post-war history of Berlin through its plants, bringing us on a unique journey of the botanical microcosms of marginal spaces, all brimming with life.

Natura Urbana – the Brachen of Berlin

The vegetation of Berlin is a silent reminder of its turbulent history. Post-war rubble landscapes and the wasteland of the former border between east and west Germany are home to an extraordinary variety of spontaneous vegetation that spread from all over the world. Long seen as blind spot in the city’s design, those empty spaces are used as “accidental laboratories” for cultural and scientific curiosity. In times of a speculative urban transformation those unique places are in danger to be lost forever.
Natura Urbana takes us on a journey through Berlin ranging from the botanical microcosm of cracked paving stones to elaborate attempts to map the entire city.

Matthew Gandy

Matthew Gandy is a geographer, urbanist, and cultural critic. He is Professor of Geography at the University of Cambridge He has published widely on urban and environmental themes. He directed and produced the documentary Liquid City (2007). Natura Urbana is his second film.