Natalia Beylis

Tu-wit Tu-woo

29th Apr 2018

16:00 - 17:00

WildMind Yurt, Fenit


Sound artist Natalia Beylis will be performing Tu-wit Tu-woo an immersive sound performance as part of the WildMind festival in Fenit.

Transmissions of collected noises made by birds real and imagined…
A performance created from field recordings of wing flutters, peaking beaks, scratching feet & general bird cacophony mixed with recordings of bird song taken from cassettes & 7 inch records.

Natalia Beylis

Born in Kiev and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Natalia Beylis now lives in an old farmhouse in a bog in Ireland with many cats and a goat. She spends her time collecting and creating music and sounds. She often mixes her field recordings in with her music projects. She runs Hunters Moon which puts on experimental and outer sounds festival and events that takes place in Leitrim in the Northwest of Ireland.