26th Jan 2024

19:30 - 21:00

MTU, Tralee


Maverick Danish/Faroese musician, composer artist, educator and activist, known for his eccentric approach to sound and performance, the Goodiepal has spent decades pushing the boundaries of traditional music genres. combining music, art, performance and his own life into a crazy and uncompromising, but also loving and logical, answer to today’s world.

Goodiepal aka Pruttipal, Mainpal Inv, Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen or by his birth name Parl Kristian Bjorn Vester is noted for his eccentric approach to sound, media art and performance, pushing the boundaries of traditional music genres. His interests in computer technology and alternative intelligence contributed to the development of his ideas on “radical computer music.”, a former lecturer at DIEM (Danish Institute for Electroacoustic Music) at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, he has since declared intellectual war against the stupidity in modern computer music and media art.


Goodiepal has published several books including Radikal Computer Music and El Camino del Hardcore. The former, in part being an attempt to break with the linear approach to writing scores, the latter an autobiographical travelogue of his time on Kommunal Klon Computer 2, his self-built electricity-producing velomobile in which he traveled throughout Europe, … something sustainability …  with the energy generated by his pedaling used to power his performances, lectures and concerts. This bike has now been retired and is on permanent display at the National Gallery of Denmark.


With hundreds of releases to his name(s) he is continuously challenging the established norms of a ‘release’, famously he released records containing signed blank cheques, his debit card details and one release with a 500 Kroner note which was twice the price of the record. He has also released records with no audio and even issued releases on labels without their permission or prior notice.

In 2017 he was the subject of a feature length documentary called The Goodiepal Equation (available online), released on Finnish experimental record label Fonal Records.


What to expect from this show ?

Promoters often offer the preface that they don’t know what to expect, we will do the same,  but from reviews of some of his past shows (which include over 150 universities internationally), we know he likes to blur the line between performance and lecture, often spinning stories and exploring his theories of Radical Computer Music. Previous performances have included demonstrations of his whistling bell-jar bird automata,  table-top planetary board-game compositional devices amongst many, many, many other things.

Oh, he did say he was bringing a mandolin  !

A message from the man himself…

Goodiepal has recorded a message for the people of Ireland which can be heard by dialing 066 4025176 where you can also record a birthday message for him !

What we do know…


Goodiepal tracks are always above the bar …

Goodipal knows bikes can change the world …

Goodiepal has created free instrument library  …

Goodiepal has released records which contain no music but includes a banknote …

Goodiepal is the father of Mechanical Birds …

Date:  Friday 26th of January
Venue:  J116, Hotel and Catering Building,  MTU (North Campus)
Doors: 7pm
Show Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: €10/€5 (eventbrite)

MTU staff and students should contact MTU Arts Office as there are a limited number of complementary tickets available.

This event is supported by the Kerry County Council Arts Office and  MTU Arts Office, the tour is organised by Footprint of Unseen Hands.